A Golf Artifact
Look at your own play, let yourself progress in every swing!
A magical camera
As if you’re standing on the sidelines, watching your own game.

WICA is equipped and engineered with the "WICA Golf" client (APP) iPad partner to work.

A new generation of high speed WIFI chip and Cortex-A7de ARM core image processing chip loaded with Broadcom (Bo Tong), It can let you see 10 seconds before the swing in the iPad, sort of like a changing time mirror.

Indeed, we have redefined the camera.

Lift your head,
you can see 10 seconds before you start to swing.
The rhythm of autonomous control, without any operation, since all of this happens naturally. This use is what you will fall in love with.

You only need to open the "WICA Golf" client in iPad (APP), press delay rolling

The moving bar can be arbitrarily adjusted seconds -10 seconds delay playback, then iPad into a change of time

With the mirror, you only need to concentrate after the bar, then without any operation it can be viewed by iPad

Then, just swing.

Stand aside, silently watching your swing.

Carefully recording the details of each action.

Designers have designed a lightweight portable accessory pole, that can be adjusted at the height of 47CM-135CM

When you practice the ball, the WICA can be installed on the accessory pole, and placed in your satisfaction with the location and angle.

WICA is now your best partner to practice, bringing you a plethora of unknown training experience.

720P definition

To be able to see the sweat on the forehead of the definition of records, never vague.

Noble golf game with HD WICA, WICA is equipped with up to 2.8um pixel high sensitive CMOS capability

Defined with a 720P video screen, even dark indoor training venues will not affect performance and capture.

720P definition

Supporting for single frame playback observation, WICA does not let go of any details

You can see 100 moments within 1 second of movement process, with no fragments.

WICA is equipped with a Cortex-A7 ARM image processing chip, so when you swing the golf club at the speed of the second moment, WICA will capture it in high speed.

WICA records up to 100fps high frame rate, that allows you to capture the moment with more than 100 pictures, and clearly facilitates a frame by frame playback on every nuance of instant action, for ultimate skill improvement.

140 degree wide-angle lens

A wider view, a larger space, never out of line.

WICA is equipped with a 140 degree wide angle lens that can be used for close range and large range observation.

Dynamic training, greater swing, panoramic view.

Dual comparison, drawn auxiliary lines.

Coaches have said WICA is well founded, and the participants listened in, sincerely convinced.

Designers for the "WICA Golf" client (APP) have designed WICA to facilitate the practical and traditional teaching functions

Two separate actions can be compared simultaneously to explain, but the drawn auxiliary line can also explain.

Every golf instructor will like it.